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Marcia Raff

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Marcia Raff


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Austin TX 78701
United States
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United States
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Artist’s Statement

Most of my sculptures are inspired from books that I read and feel passionate about. Like Richard Meier, " I strive for purity, simplicity and clarity. I like my work to be filled with meaning and have it resonate emotionally."    I particularly enjoy doing monumental site specific sculpture internationally as well as nationally.

I enjoy following Ockham’s Razor theory that states, “What can be done with less, is done with more in vain.”

Marcia Raff

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Columns 1,2 & 3, Series III

Marcia Raff Columns 1,2 & 3, Series III
Columns 1,2 & 3, Series III
CLASS: Sculpture
CATEGORY: Abstract
MEDIA: cortn steel
PRICE: $$40,000
almost 11 feet high
corten steel These can be seen at Tyler Park, Pa., sculpture garden

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